When to call ?

Immediately contact us in case of the following signals:

In case of concern

Discuss your worries about your health or your child with us. Concern is always a reason for calling. If you don’t understand the explanation, please let us know. If required, ask for extra time when you make an appointment.

In case of vaginal blood loss

If you have vaginal blood loss, then keep your knickers or panty liner for inspection and contact us.

Headache, seeing stars, vomiting, pain in the upper abdomen abdomen/upper back

If you are more than 20 weeks pregnant and you are suffering from one or more of the following signals: headache, seeing stars, vomiting, feeling of a tense band around the head or abdomen, pain in the abdomen or between the shoulder blades, sudden water retention in the face, hands or feet. In these cases, please contact us.

Less movement of your child than usual

If you are pregnant for 24 weeks or more and you feel your child move less than usual, then please contact us.

Not yet pregnant for 37 weeks and regular stomach / backache

If you are not yet 37 weeks pregnant and you have stomach or backache that comes and goes with certain regularity, then please contact us.

In case of loss of amniotic fluid

When the waters break, you notice you are losing vaginal fluid. This can be a splash or small amounts of fluid. Amniotic fluid is often clear and colourless. It sometimes has a yellow, green or brown colour. Try to catch some amniotic fluid and keep it for the midwife. Contact us.