Checkups with the midwife

First checkup

This takes place around 7- 8 weeks pregnancy. You can make the appointment as soon as you know you are pregnant. We will then make the first echo. If you want, we will give you information about checkups you can have done during your pregnancy (prenatal screening).

Second checkup

The second checkup takes place around 10 – 12 weeks, is quite elaborate and takes about 45 minutes. There will also be an ultrasound.

For proper guidance of your pregnancy it is important to know whether:

  • There are any (hereditary) diseases or disorders in your family or that of your partner;
  • You have (had) any disorders;
  • You have habits that may involve risks for the pregnancy (smoking, alcohol, drugs and medicine use).

The intake and ultrasound take place during the second checkup. We also measure your blood pressure and your weight and you can of course ask any questions you have. The ultrasound is an echo to determine the expected delivery date. Here we listen to the heartbeat of your child. At this checkup we provide you with information about blood tests, an ultrasound or echo and we discuss the prenatal screening.

Subsequent checkups

Follow-up checkups take about 15 minutes. During these checkups we discuss the results of the blood test, the echo and possibly the result of the prenatal screening.

During the pregnancy we discuss how you want to feed your child and think about the birth. We plan extra time for the visit so there is plenty of time to answer your questions. We also do the following (routine) examinations: measure your blood pressure, weigh you, determine the growth of the womb and listen to the child’s heart. These examinations are carried out during all subsequent checkups.

The number of weeks between the checkups gets smaller and smaller as the pregnancy progresses. We check you weekly from week 37. If you feel you need more time for a checkup, please indicate this when making an appointment, so we can take this into account.